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First, a moment for all of the families who have lost their kids/relatives in Connecticut yesterday...

Alright, well...I've got about one more week of school left and then I'll be free for winter break c: It'll be buckets of fun here on the interwebs. Though I've still got a lot of Christmas presents to draw/buy and a Bio test but besides that everything should run smoothly I guess. :U

Oh yeah, so remember that comic I had to do for bio? ( I got a 6+ on it |D which is A+ something like that 7's are overrated okay. /brick'd Well apparently, my teacher wants to blow it up and put it on a poster. And now the entire science department acknowledges the fact that I draw stuff :U My english teacher does literally wants me to draw in her's great /shot And lastly I think I might actually pass physics this year which is great so I don't have to go to summer school thank god.

Oh and in my private lesson I get to play Deep Sea Girl ;7; I'M PUMPED MAN. (…)

Wow okay I was bored so I wanted to do some updates but then I realized how boring I am |'D /shot Well, I guess I'll shut up now. ._.
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Submitted on
December 15, 2012